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ARMS System Requirements

ARMS System Technical Requirements:
+ Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Professional Edition Operating System (compatible with both 32bit and 64bit systems)
+ Intel i5 Processor or similar
+ 4GB of RAM
+ 30 GB free Disk Space

Stock Management Programs

What is ARMS?

Advanced Retail Management Systems (ARMS) is the powerful suite of software programs and management coaching that empowers jewelers to grow their business and increase profits. It eclipses all competition with its feature rich functions and its powerful detailed analysis of stock, sales, supplier and salesperson performance. ARMS is the fast track for getting the tools and education needed to run a highly successful retail operation. ARMS is an investment in a proven business management system that is guaranteed to increase profits.


  • ARMS is User Friendly
    ARMS works hard to make sure that our tools are not only powerful but also easy to use. With your ARMS System training and system implementation is included so your team is sure to get the most out of your new ARMS System.
  • ARMS is Secure
    The ARMS System is designed with security in mind. We can work with you and your team to ensure that system permissions are set to keep sensitive information safe.
  • ARMS is Extremely Stable
    The ARMS Program is built using Microsoft SQL Database which is the most stable in the world. This means that your critical business data will always have integrity.
  • Stock and Sales reports
    ARMS software provides you with detailed sales and stock reports. Managing your inventory and re-ordering your fast selling stock is the lifeblood of your business. With ARMS Reports you can easily increase your profits.
  • Executive Management Report (EMR)
    ARMS software provides concise EMR reports showing you important and essential details on the performance of Departments, Suppliers and Sales Team members. These birds eye view reports can give you critical management information.
  • Lift the Performance of your Salespeople
    ARMS Provides reports that allow you to easily compare and contrast sales person performance. It is important to actively train and engage your staff. Your sales team will make or break your business. With the ARMS System you can utilize your sales people to generate more profit.
  • You will increase your Stock Turn, improve Margins and rid yourself of old Unprofitable Stock!
    ARMS has a three prong approach to getting inventory into good shape. You will increase your stock turns by making sure that you have the inventory that customers want. You will improve your margins because people are willing to pay more for a product they want. You will eliminate old stock through better buying, better selling, and better stock management strategies.
  • Improve Supplier Arrangements
    Your business is controlled by a handful of suppliers, improving your relationship with these suppliers will increase your profits. The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, this is true of your stock suppliers as well. If you look at your business you will find that 80% of your profits are generated by 20% of your suppliers. ARMS can help you identify these suppliers and manage your stock investment with them. This will lead to increased sales and profits.
  • Take Total Control with ARMS
    Your ARMS reports combined with ARMS business development support and coaching will allow you to take absolute control of your stock, staff and supplier performance to help increase your personal wealth. Your retail operation will evolve into a “cash generating machine” providing you with substantially increased income that will afford you and your family a better standard of living plus provide surplus cash for investment in your family’s future.

Easy to use program which allows you to assemble components (e.g. Gemstones and Semi-mounts). Assembly/Disassembly creates material lists for manufacturing. Fully integrated with ARMS to report on the profitability of each component supplier and automatically includes assembled components in stock searches.

Sales Forecast

Analyze your past to predict the future. Sales Forecast allows you to set accurate monthly and weekly sales targets by stock department for your sales team. Also a powerful motivational tool for developing a goal-oriented sales team. Sales Forecast also gives you valuable information to ensure astute buying decisions.

Open to Buy

ARMS IOTB™ is the most accurate and simple to use OTB available internationally. Controlling Cash Flow through controlled buying. Whenever you are buying, be it at trade shows, or when suppliers visit you, you need to know exactly what OTB dollars you have available to spend. At any time from within Signature Series you can view and or print a report showing the orders and the current OTB balance (just like looking at a bank statement which shows the current balance).

Use ARMS iOTB™ to control buying and keep your Cash Flow under Control

ARMS System Requirements

ARMS System Technical Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Professional Edition Operating System (compatible with both 32bit and 64bit systems)
  • Intel i5 Processor or similar
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 30GB free Disk Space