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Q: Can I use my own hardware or purchase hardware locally?
You can use existing hardware providing it meets our recommended minimum specifications. We are happy to work with your hardware suppliers/technicians to ensure appropriate hardware is supplied.

Q: Will I require an Internet connection?
In order for you to maximize our services, you’ll need an internet connection to update your programs (using our live update web facility), receive business information by email and to allow our experienced Client Services technicians access to your computer if you need technical assistance.

Q: Does ARMS enable clients to do an email blast to their customers?
Yes, ARMS not only enables clients to do an email blast, but also a Text Message blast to various customer lists, for example, all customers who have a purchased a specific brand (such as Pandora), or have a birthday etc.

Q: Can ARMS customize operator screens to make them more attractive than the typical plain white or grey?
ARMS has a built in “screen theme” enabling operators to customize the way their screen looks. Each operator can have their own theme. It’s called the ARMS Eye Candy.

Q: What ongoing research and development do you undertake?
We have a dedicated research and development team who continually strive to keep the ARMS software at the forefront of the industry. Their objective is to combine the years of experience of our clients and founder Malcolm Alderton, with cutting edge technology to provide products that respond to the diverse needs of progressive business development.

Q: What database does ARMS use?
ARMS signature series runs on a variety of SQL server platforms including SQL 2008 R2. This is the best database available in the industry and ensures data integrity and scalability as your business grows. Unlike lesser databases SQL does not corrupt and does not choke when many users need to use the system at the same time.

Q: What operating system does ARMS use?
ARMS will run on Windows XP Pro SP3, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit for POS, 32bit or 64bit for ARMSSS Server).