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Q: How long has ARMS been in business?
ARMS has been in business for over three decades providing unsurpassed Business Development to the jewelry industry.

Q: How many jewelers are using the ARMS system?
Over 900 quality jewelry stores internationally use the ARMS system.

Q: Does ARMS offer a Wholesale System?
Yes. ARMS being such a versatile system offers a full Wholesale System that helps you tightly manage your stock, sales and manufacturing. It eclipses all competition with its feature rich functions and its powerful detailed analysis of stock, sales, supplier and salesperson performance. Other ARMS programs that integrate with Wholesale Supergem include the Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Assembly/Disassembly, Stock Take (Physical inventory), CRM and Client Accounts.

Q: Is ARMS used in other retail sectors?
ARMS system is Jewelry Specific. The system was designed by a jeweler for jewelers.

Q: What is ARMS' point of difference?
ARMS is more than just software. We are not just about selling a POS system. We differ from other systems in that we place considerable emphasis on business development, while forging strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. With our management tools, products, and Business Development team, we help you realize your business potential and improve your bottom line. Clients who utilize these tools reap the rewards very quickly.

Q: Is the ARMS system expensive?
No, the ARMS System is a valuable investment. For the price of a couple of cups of coffee per day the ARMS System can assist you to make more money than you ever dreamed possible. Our experience over the past three decades has proven that the system pays for itself with additional profits within 12 months of installation, effectively making it a no-cost system. Indeed, we are so confident of the system’s ability to pay for itself within a year that we offer a No Risk Guarantee.

Q: Do you offer financing or leasing?
Yes, we offer a very extensive range of leasing options that make the ARMS system very affordable.

Q: Do you have a Demo CD?
We go one step further and will arrange for one of our Business Development representatives to call and discuss your requirements and demonstrate the benefits of the ARMS System to you. ARMS is a modular system with features for many business types so by giving you a personalised demonstration we can focus on the modules which are the most interest and benefit to you.

Q: Can I see examples of reports?
Our Business Development representatives will not only give you a full presentation of ARMS’ unique reports, but will also demonstrate the power in each report.

Q: Can my current system’s data be converted simply?
Our experienced conversion team are regularly converting stock, supplier, sales and customer data from other software systems. This is a critical process and we know your data is extremely important to you so our conversion team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless conversion.

Q: Can I export reports or data to other programs, such as Excel, to send to my accountant?
There are facilities within ARMS’ Signature Series for exportation of data in a text format. These facilities allow the easy importation of data into Excel or Access. ARMS’ Signature Series enables reports to be emailed directly to your accountant.

Q: When is ARMS Club annual renewal due?
Arms Club is ARMS annual support fee which is renewed on January 1 each year