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We are passionate about educating you as a client to enable you to do your best and be your best. Even if you've already achieved success, we believe that you will achieve even more with what you'll learn from our continual education program. In fact we’re so confident of the effectiveness of our workshops that we guarantee you’ll take from them a course of action which will reward you several times the cost of making this investment in your future. The results of previous workshops allow us to give this guarantee with confidence.

"The ARMS Workshop has been a turning point for understanding the nature of my business and how I can make it profitable. I wouldnt just recommend it, I would consider attendance essential for every ARMS business"


ARMS Workshop:

  • Are exclusively available only to our clients and their employees.
  • Ensure that you and your team maximize the full benefits of your investment in the software.
  • Maximizes opportunities to learn from other’s experiences.
  • Offer ideas, insights, research and first-person accounts of solutions to problems experienced in the real world of business.
  • Give you knowledge and confidence, which, when combined with the software, will take your business to a whole new level of success.

Master your ARMS system and take control of your future.
The key to the information coming from your ARMS system is in your operator’s hands. By mastering the basics of the system you’ll be able to unlock its full potential – and that of your business. This two-day workshop is designed for new or existing operators of the ARMS programs, including owners.

Learn how to:

  • Focus on functionality rather than reports
  • Properly input data so you can get the most from your reports
  • Master the basics of each module and perform various task using the correct method

Make the most astute management decisions possible.
Your ARMS system provides a wealth of information and the key is to understand how to use it to your benefit and not to let it overwhelm you. By learning to access, read and understand the information available to you through your ARMS Business Development system, you can make the right decisions at the right time and achieve the right results.

This workshop is an absolute must for every person in your business who works with the ARMS reports, particularly those who will be taking advantage of ProActive Management (PAM).

Achieve extraordinary results through a new approach to selling.
This highly effective and innovative workshop will help you achieve extraordinary results by transforming your approach from ‘sales person’ to ‘sales professional’. By measuring the results and reporting progress back to you following the two-day workshop, ARMS will help you build confidence and self-esteem, making this a winning formula for both the sales professional and the store owner. Includes three months of follow up coaching for each attendee.

Learn how to:

  • Change your 'evolved' selling habits to the highly successful 'planned' selling technique
  • Eliminate ineffective selling techniques that are costing you profit
  • Learn how to properly open a sale to break down resistance and build rapport with your customer
  • Learn how to ask probing questions to accurately identify the customers’ true wants and needs
  • Eliminate product dumping
  • Overcome a customer's buying objectives
  • Sell yourself before selling the product
  • Sell by presenting benefits, not features
  • Up-sell without being pushy
  • Handle the ever-increasing problem of discounting
  • Close the sale by identifying the right timing
  • Achieve profitable add on sales (not just cleaning cloths!)
  • Track your wins and losses

Unlock the potential of your business and control the five keys to profitability.
If you don’t have the business development basics in place you’re losing thousands of dollars in profit every month. This workshop is vital for every store owner or manager using the ARMS Business Development system and wanting to increase profit. Regularly updated to keep ahead of industry changes and new trends, this workshop provides clear and concise methods, objectives and action steps for implementing each topic discussed.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the very minimum management practices you should be applying using the ARMS philosophy
  • Interpret and apply the information contained in your Management Reports
  • Recognize and reorder your 'fast sellers'
  • Manage your cash flow through an 'open to buy' fund
  • Understand how to control the five keys to your profitability

Discover the path to enhanced business effectiveness and success.
Advanced Business Development covers the four S’s of the ARMS philosophy – stock, supplier, staff and self, and will give you a structured action plan for improving your business, department by department. This invaluable workshop will help you achieve your goals, increase performance, create a win-win relationship with vendors, motivate your sales team, increase mark-ups, out-service your competitors and much more.

Learn how to:

  • Set a plan of action to achieve your goals
  • Increase the performance of your team
  • Create a more profitable win-win relationship with suppliers
  • Find out which advertising is effective and which is not
  • Identify why buyers and non-buyers come into your store
  • Judge catalogue successes and failures
  • Motivate your sales team and keep them motivated
  • Increase the average sale and understand the power this has on sales and profit
  • Achieve a better return on your investment
  • Increase mark-up and remain competitive
  • Out-service your competitor