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Experience a smooth transition to the ARMS system with ARMS™ Support. Our team of experts will not only train your staff on all the functions of the system but also assist with entering your existing and new stock items. By doing so, ARMS™ quickly and efficiently converts all relevant data for your current customers and inventory database, eliminating the need for re-ticketing your existing inventory.

We understand that the success of any new system depends on the proficiency of its users. That's why our experienced ARMS™ personnel will come to your store for as many days as required to carry out the ARMS™ software installation and provide comprehensive training to your staff.

Installation and training covers:

  • Our ARMS™ software is highly configurable to meet the unique needs of your business. Our experts will work with you to configure the software to include stock departments, stock turns, supplier details, and ID codes for your sales staff.
  • To ensure your team is proficient in using the ARMS™ software, we provide comprehensive operator training. Our experts will guide your staff through all the features of the software and ensure they are fully equipped to utilize its full potential.
  • We also offer a Report Reading Essentials seminar and two-day Business Development Essentials seminar to help you maximize the benefits of the ARMS™ software. These seminars are designed to equip you with the skills necessary to analyze reports generated by the ARMS™ software and identify opportunities for growth and development in your business.