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ARMS USA 1.800.228.9073ARMS Australia 1.800.804.333ARMS New Zealand 0800 000 673


ARMS will not only teach your operator(s) how to use all functions of the ARMS system, they actually get you underway by entering both existing stock and new invoiced stock items. The ARMS system quickly converts all relevant data for your current customers and inventory database – eliminating the need to re-ticket your existing inventory.

Experienced ARMS personnel come to your store for as many days as required to carry out the ARMS Software installation and training for your staff. Installation and training covers: Configuring the software to suit your business (e.g. setting up stock departments, stock turns, supplier details, and ID codes for your sales staff); operator training on the use of ARMS software; Report Reading Essentials seminar and two-days Business Development Essentials seminar.