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Business Solutions

ARMS is an investment with a guaranteed return!

"ARMS" offers a guaranteed return on investment and provides business solutions tailored specifically for the jewelry industry. With over 30 years of experience, "ARMS" is unmatched in the field of jewelry-specific business development. Our software system, complemented by exceptional technical support and business coaching, makes "ARMS" the essential component for unleashing your full potential and achieving optimal business success.

ARMS Support

ARMS will not only teach your operator(s) how to use all functions of the ARMS system, they actually get you underway by entering both existing stock and new invoiced stock items. READ MORE

ProActive Management

ARMS ProActive Management (PAM) business development support will change the way you do business for the better. These goals are reviewed three times in the first 12 months, with a written report. READ MORE


ARMS is passionate about educating its clients to enable them to be, do and have the best. Even clients who have already achieved success with ARMS benefit from our ongoing program of education. READ MORE

Our Products

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory, assemble/ disassemble components, create sales forecasts, manage your cashflow and more

Customer Relationship Management

Handle invoicing and receipts from back office and Point of Sale, control money owed to you, create customer histories

Financial Management Programs

More than a normal accounting package, invoice transactions automatically update Supergem, Supplier Accounts (Payables) and General Ledger

Website Integration

Now you can have a website seamlessly integrated with your stock control system enabling you to display items that are in your store, on your website with just a few clicks.

Point of Sale (POS) Programs

Electronically updates stock files, latest pricing, additional stock and location details. Control layaways, track repairs and more

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Company Overview

For three decades, Advanced Retail Management Systems (ARMS) has been at the forefront of business development and software technology for retail jewelers and more recently wholesalers.

Why Arms?

ARMS’ holistic approach to business improvement sets us apart from the competition. No other product on the market can match ARMS for effectiveness and results, or provide such a comprehensive business development package.

Our Commitment to You

ARMS’ commitment is to educate and empower clients to achieve the highest levels of success in their business, leading to increased profits, greater control and direction and, ultimately, the ability to enjoy their businesses and the lifestyle rewards that success brings.

Our ‘No Risk’ Guarantee

ARMS has proven its effectiveness and performance over time and across the globe. Our confidence in the system is based purely on proven results. The success of the system and the achievements of our clients enable us to offer a ‘no risk’ guarantee.

Serving You

ARMS is dedicated to providing superior service at all times and never more so than when you require support. Our commitment to excellent service is aimed at ensuring you obtain maximum benefits from your investment in the ARMS system.

Our Team

For the past three decades, as a Business Development Consultant and Educator, Malcolm has advised owners of hundreds of quality jewelry stores on business development issues relating to stock, staff, cash flow, expansion and multi-generations working together.

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Looking for increased profitability and streamlined day-to-day operations?

Let ARMS show you how to manage your business. Request a Demo Today!


"AMA has been in Jewelry Retail since 1986 – a multi-door operation. We were introduced to ARMS in 2003, certainly a milestone for us. At AMA we like to refer to it as, life Before ARMS (B.A.) and After ARMS (A.A.), a no brainer. It may seem at first, a tough pill to swallow compared to – although there is no comparison – other programs in the industry. But once you have it up and running, you will be laughing all the way to the bank! Trust Malcolm and let him lead you to a new approach in retail.” Arun Bijlani Proprietor, AMA Jewellers Inc.
“Efficiency, organization and impressive to clients. Covers all aspects of running your business.” David Rotenberg Owner, David Craig Fine Jewelry
“The ARMS system is excellent, and I cannot imagine inventory control without it. It allows us to trust our numbers, and make strategic decisions that will make the most impact on our business. We absolutely love the ARMS team as they are great to work with and they are very responsive to our needs.” Kim Stevens VP of Operations, VanBrock Jewelers
“As a client of ARMS since 1994, it has made me a much better business person. The ease of use for myself and employees is very valuable. In fact, an employee of ours came from another store, who used a competitor’s version of the software, and shared how much easier ARMS is to use.” Eric Loch President, Eric Loch Diamonds & Fine Jewelry
“ARMS is a culture of managing your business by the numbers. The advanced reporting gives you the tools to make the right choices for your business. We went from a .8 stock turn to a 1.7 stock turn by utilizing the best practices of ARMS!” Ryan Blumenthal President, Corinne Jewelers



Signature Series Supergem™

the "heart and soul" of the ARMS system used

by successful retail jewelers to help grow their success.

ARMS is ready to get you started.