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ARMS System Requirements

ARMS System Technical Requirements:
+ Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Professional Edition Operating System (compatible with both 32bit and 64bit systems)
+ Intel i5 Processor or similar
+ 4GB of RAM
+ 30 GB free Disk Space

Stock Management Programs


Supergem is the heart of the ARMS software system. All new Signature Series, Windows based Supergem is the world’s most advanced inventory management software. Supergem features: multi-shot imaging; effective, simple to use reorder system based on ARMS fast seller philosophy; and superior comparison reporting system.

Business Fact 101

Inventory is the major investment in your business. And without question, how well you do in business is determined by how well you manage your inventory. How well you are able to manage your inventory is determined by the level of essential information and tools you have at your fingertips. “You cannot improve what you cannot measure.”

What is Supergem?

Supergem is the powerful ARMS software program that helps you tightly manage your stock and sales. It eclipses all competition with its feature rich functions and its powerful detailed analysis of stock, sales, supplier and salesperson performance. Other ARMS programs that integrate with Supergem include the Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Assembly/Disassembly, Stock Take (Physical inventory) and POS that feeds sales information.

Supergem is user friendly

With the choice of using ARMS menu driven navigation screens, Windows drop down menu boxes, the GoTo function shortcut, user d efinable menus or recent task menus, either driven by the mouse or keyboard, navigation around the ARMS software could not be easier . In addition, many input fields on the Stock Entry screen, Sales and Customer Refund Entry screen and Inter-store Transfer screen are configurable and switchable (switched off if not used by you) allowing you to customize and optimize the screen to suit your specific business.

Also, many fields present pre-configured options to enable consistency of input when more than one operator uses the system. Stock departments can be set up with DSD’s (Department Standard Descriptions) allowing super quick “paint by numbers” stock description entry. Handling memo or consignment stock is a breeze. Imaging stock items is quick and simple (up to 4 images per stock item). Diamonds and other gemstones are tracked and reported on. Want a 1.98 to 2.02 E color ideal cut vs1 to show a customer? The system will tell you exactly how many you have, either loose or mounted and at which location. Press F1 for instant help, or refer to the hardcopy user documentation for detailed help when using functions for the first time, or need help at a later date. There are many more user friendly functions, which we can point out to you during a demonstration of the software.

Supergem is Secure

With over 1000 security settings, you can set security by groups of employees or by workstation. This prevents unauthorized access to any function or reporting within the system. For example some employees may be allowed to view c ost prices and others not. Some may have access to enter or change transactions and others to only view transactions. A one key instant lock, locks your workstation when you go for lunch so others cannot use your profile.

Uses can be restricted to given menu options, thus cutting down on training time when they only use one function, for example one person being responsible for transferring stock out of a store to another store, but having no other functions within the system would only see the Inter-store Transfer screen.

Supergem is extremely stable

Many industry specific programs use an MS Access database. While this may suffice very small operations, MS SQL and SQL Express databases are designed for serious use and offer rock solid stability. ARMS uses these stable MS SQL and SQL Express databases.

ARMS software is written using the stable MS Visual Basic language by ARMS in-house senior programmers who understand the jewelry industry, then it is extensively tested in house before release.

Supergem is a lot more than it appears

The old adage “Software is Software” is not true in ARMS case. ARMS software is more feature rich and it is this benefit which makes for ease of use while at the same time providing unparalleled analysis and reporting. It does not stop there; behind the scenes is the powerhouse of the software. It’s this behind the scenes powerhouse that makes Supergem state of the art. Supergem automatically analyzes the performance of stock, supplier and sales staff, presenting the results on ARMS unique reports.

Will Supergem remain state of the art software?

Yes it will. Supergem’s first version was written in 1982. Since then it has been rewritten four times to grow from a simple one store stock control program to a sophisticated 1 to 1000 store stock management system, and it will continue to grow to handle changing trading conditions (remember when internet did not feature as a trading condition… so who knows what’s ahead of us). Supergem has been, and continues to be, developed based on feedback and forums of ARMS clients. It is ARMS commitment to change that will keep Supergem state of the art. Supergem provides basic and advanced inventory management information you need to better and more easily manage your business

Stock and Sales reports.
Supergem™ software provides you with the unparalleled detailed, accurate and timely information, both on stock and sales by Department, by Supplier, by Sales Person, by price range (to name but a few), for any elected period (daily, weekly monthly) by memo, by age of stock, showing stock number, description, special order and other special attributes, Sales value, Average Sale, Discounts, Cost of Sale, Gross Profit, customer names, salespersons code, taxes, fast seller status to name but only a few details available on the reports.

Executive Management Report (EMS)
Supergem™ software provides concise EMS reports showing you important and essential details on the performance of Departments, Suppliers and Sales Team members. This by store or companywide allows you to track performance for any nominated period, showing up to five years comparisons. By department and supplier you can compare sales, stock holding, COS, Gross Profit, Stock-turn, Mark-up percent and Return on investment, allowing you to identify the strongly performing departments and suppliers and those that need attention.

Lift the performance of your salespeople
Supergem™ provides simple reports showing the strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson, which allows you to train and motivate your team to outstanding results. You can identify top performers who often go unnoticed, the salespeople who are excessively discounting, losing sales or have a low average sale.

It’s a fact of life no two people are born the same, no two golfers, no two athletes, no two sales persons. Salespeople can make (or break) your day, week, month or even your business. They are also typically the most under-utilized resource of most companies. It is essential to be able to compare your salespersons performance so you can identify those who need assistance and/or training. Supergem™ software EMS reports zero in on salespersons strengths and weaknesses.

Using Supergem to make more astute profit producing decisions

To grow your business you need to constantly make more astute buying, stock management and staff management decisions. These decisions must be based on two things including accurate and timely information as well as sound management principles and strategies.

There are two types of experience you can learn from: your own, or the experience of others. While your own experiences are invaluable, clearly it’s faster, less costly and much less painful to learn from others’ experiences. Supergem™ and ARMS support will help you achieve exactly that. It will fast-track your success by providing you with unparalleled knowledge of what creates wealth and what creates just plain hard work with little reward.

You will increase your stock turn, improve your margins and rid yourself of old unprofitable stock!

Supergem™ identifies your top sellers in each department prompting you to replace these important profit earners as soon as you have sold them. It shows those items that do not need to be discounted to sell, those which will stand higher mark-up and those which will have to be discounted to clear. Supergem™ highlights instant sales trends and provides monthly figures used for tightly controlling buying via an “open to buy fund.”

Improve supplier arrangements

Never has the 80/20 rule been more evident, with more than 80% of the total profit coming from less than 20% of your suppliers. Supergem™ treats the stock from each supplier as a separate investment. Based on dollars of profit generated and stock-turn achieved you can see quickly the suppliers who are contributing to your profits and those you are carrying. By using Supergem™ you can negotiate better win-win supplier arrangements.

Take total control with Supergem™

Your Supergem™ reports combined with ARMS business development support and coaching will allow you to take absolute control of your stock, staff and supplier performance to help increase your personal wealth. Your retail operation will evolve into a “cash generating machine” providing you with substantially increased income that will afford you and your family a better standard of living plus provide surplus cash for investment in your family’s future.

Give your business an edge with Imaging

Imaging runs in conjunction with Supergem and gives jewelers substantial marketing advantages. Once an image is captured it can be used for a variety of purposes.

See a customer’s purchasing history

Greatly increase your sales rate by viewing a history of items already purchased by a customer. When you or your staff serve someone, an inquiry can be made on their record to view the images of stock items already purchased, along with the Customer Management attributes, giving you a clear profile of their likes. What better way to know which pieces of stock to show the customer to greatly increase your sales rate!

Marketing tool for one off jewelry creations

Ideal for recording one off jewelry creations that can be used as examples to sell from. Reduces your stock without reducing your selection of expensive pieces of jewelry. As a creator you will find this marketing tool invaluable by giving you the leading edge in getting a “yes” for a new creation. Build your library complete with the love story on each piece that will help your customers choose you as their preferred jeweler.

Optional hardware

To print the image requires a color printer and to capture a high quality image requires a controlled lighting environment. After much trial and error we have produced a product we call Image Studio, which incorporates lighting and the camera.
Imaging software is great value and the cost can be recouped within days of using it.

Ask Yourself the following:
  • Am I getting too little profit for the investment and hours worked?
  • Do I have too much old stock?
  • Do cash flow issues keep me awake at night?
  • Does my business control me or do I control my business?
  • Do I work in the business for excessive hours?
  • Does my family life suffer because of my business?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, then the information you get from Supergem along with the business development coach can help you achieve your goals.


Easy to use program which allows you to assemble components (e.g. Gemstones and Semi-mounts). Assembly/Disassembly creates material lists for manufacturing. Fully integrated with Supergem to report on the profitability of each component supplier and automatically includes assembled components in stock searches.

Sales Forecast

Analyze your past to predict the future. Sales Forecast allows you to set accurate monthly and weekly sales targets by stock department for your sales team. Also a powerful motivational tool for developing a goal-oriented sales team. Sales Forecast also gives you valuable information to ensure astute buying decisions.

ARMS Sales Forecast uses your past to plan your future.

ARMS Sales Forecast automatically uses past performance key indicators including Average Sale, Quantity sold, achieved Markup % and Stock turn, per stock department per store then prompts you to add change based on your planned changes such as adding a new product line. This then presents your target weekly sales and profit per store.


How can ARMS Signature Series Sales Forecast Benefit You?

Huge Time Saver – There are only two reasons why businesses do not have a detailed sales plan, 1 – Not enough time to create a detailed plan and enter actuals to see where you are under performing and 2 – Not really knowing what to do. The Sales Forecast program does in 5 minutes per week what it would take days per month to do in a spreadsheet and it’s so simple ARMS teaches you inside of an hour how to do it.

Sales Team Motivator – It creates daily, weekly and monthly sales targets for your sales teams to shoot for. Each week your sales team can see how they are tracking towards the months sales targets. It’s great for motivating your sales team “to beat the computer.”

Business Managers Benefits – You cannot improve on what you cannot measure. Weekly and monthly you can instantly measure your profit against forecast profit. Then you can take action to improve short falls as soon as you see an area drifting off rather than getting to the end of the year and saying “o well”. If sales are down you can see if its due to less quantity sold, or a lower average sale or just one or two departments are letting you down. If Gross Profit is down you can see if it’s due to sales being down OR due to markup being down. If will even show which product line performance is falling behind allowing you to take action sooner rather later. This is the Business Managers dream.


This ultra simple to use program provides a detailed road map to follow which leads to optimizing your stores performance. Use it to plan increases in sales and profit. There is absolutely nothing in (or out of) this world that compares to the ARMS Sales Forecast for tracking your store performance. Big business has whole departments dedicated to business performance this . Now you can achieve the same results simply and quickly.

Open to Buy
What is ARMS “Open to Buy” (iOTB™)

We all know that “over buying” leads to cash flow issues, and the accumulation of old stock. Old stock ties up cash … you cannot have your money in the bank if it is sitting on the shelves in your store.

ARMS has assisted clients for many years with manual “Open to Buy” plans which has resulted in them controlling their buying and cash flow, however the manual system takes time to manage. Based on this tried and proven manual system, ARMS has now developed sophisticated accurate iOTB™ software that is integrated with Supergem and the Reorder System. The ARMS iOTB™ automatically takes into account Fast Sellers Reordered, Special Orders, Repairs plus other factors such as planned stock increases / reductions, to present you with an up to the minute $$ value OTB for you to view or print before you buy new stock.

How can ARMS iOTB™ benefit you

ARMS IOTB™ is the most accurate and simple to use OTB available internationally.

Controlling Cash Flow through controlled buying. Whenever you are buying, be it at trade shows, or when suppliers visit you, you need to know exactly what OTB dollars you have available to spend.

Without using an OTB you are at high risk of over buying…. again and again and again.

Simple to use:
Each month an OTB is automatically calculated based on previous months sales plus under and over spending. It is then managed as simple as 1, 2, 3, you enter each “Order” when you place it with a supplier (excluding orders entered into the reorder system).

  • select the supplier code
  • enter the order number
  • enter the total value of the order
Example: Supplier Code Order Number Order Total
“Joe” (for Joes Manufacturers) 21547 $6,321

At any time from within Signature Series you can view and or print a report showing the orders and the current OTB balance (just like looking at a bank statement which shows the current balance).

Use ARMS iOTB™ to control buying and keep your Cash Flow under Control.

You can run an OTB per supplier for any selected

ARMS Wholesale Version

Simple to use with enhanced reporting including profit reports by department, supplier and salesperson and consignment details. It also generates Consignment Notes and Wholesale Invoices.

ARMS Wholesale Version

ARMS System Requirements

ARMS System Technical Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Professional Edition Operating System (compatible with both 32bit and 64bit systems)
  • Intel i5 Processor or similar
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 30 GB free Disk Space