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Understanding the New Age of Customers

Perhaps it's not just the new generation of customers you need to understand, but how to reach them. JCK published a dismal outlook of the jewelry industry awhile back. One highlight from the article is that you can't use the same marketing methods to reach the new...

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Jewelry Figures that Count!

Traditionally small business owners have their annual accounts prepared 6 to 12 months after the end of the fiscal year, and apart from the accountant spending 15 minutes discussing them and a copy going to the bank, these accounts never see the light of day again....

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The Nightmare of Stocktake

Many retailers schedule their stocktake to coincide with the end of the financial year. With stocktake, more commonly known as the ‘retailers’ nightmare’, comes stress for managers and store owners.  At ARMS we understand the trauma that stocktake can create so we...

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A Little ARMS History

CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY OF Jewellers Computer Systems (JCS) / Advanced Retail Management Systems (ARMS) 1980       After attending New England University course on Business Management of a Jewellery Store at the Waikato University in Hamilton N.Z to learn more about...

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Hi, I’m Malcolm Alderton

This is unbelievably exciting. Providing business solutions to retail and wholesale jewelers has been my business for nearly 30 years. I have truly enjoyed helping businesses become more profitable. Providing the tools to enable retailers and wholesalers to maximize...

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Discount Disasters

Given the current economy, many jewelers are willing to offer discounts in hope for good numbers at year-end. The problem with this formula is that it’s a guarantee all right, a guarantee loser. Once you start discounting, a something no so good happens. Customers...

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10 Computer Maintenance Tips

No doubt we are all familiar with the old adage “Prevention is better than cure”.  When it comes to computer maintenance this is very applicable. Computer hardware failures can be very disruptive and costly in both time and monetary terms. We have listed below some...

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Uncollected Repairs

Here’s an easy way to collect money owed to you without adding much additional work. Are you still waiting for customers to come in and pick up their completed repairs? This is in spite of you making numerous phone calls and them promising to come in and collect the...

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