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The Curiosity Post
The Curiosity Post

Great social media posts are essential in business. Learning these social media marketing tips will increase your social media engagement. Whether you use social media for business or not, these can be used as Facebook post ideas. Social media content that stands out comes from social media content ideas that are created specifically for your audience. You can have tons of content marketing ideas but if the content marketing tips you share aren’t for your people no one will listen. Social media marketing tips are popular because everyone wants social media tips for business. The best social media tips are what you should be posting on social media for business so you can have social media sales. Social media selling is only going to continue to grow so learn what to post on social media.

There are a few things you must know before posting on social media when it comes to building your business.

  1. If you are network marketing you do not want to mention your company name or products at all, you always want to be speaking in benefits. What does your product or service do for people?

Now, why would you not want to mention your company name or products? Not because your embarrassed about it, you just don’t want to give free 👀 to someone else or to google. Typically, when someone finds a product or service that they think is good, what is the first thing they do? They google it. Now, if they know the name of your product or service, because you mentioned it in your social media posts, they search google for that same product or service. What makes matters worse, is they originally received the ad, or information from you, but they are buying the product from someone else for whatever reason. So, you want to make sure that you control those conversations. Speak in benefits and do not mention the name or the products of your company if you are in network marking. You want to leave them with curiosity, create curiosity driven posts.

  • Always speak in stories or benefits. Never tell them “What it is” you want to tell your audience “What it does” for them. Speak in stories or benefits and you will go so much further in your engagement and social media efforts.
  • It’s ok and encouraged to be you in social media. People are attracted to your energy, even online. It’s ok to be you, be crazy🙃, goofy, lighthearted, silly, fun-whoever you are. It’s ok to take off the business hat and just be you. Just have fun with your tribe. Your tribe is going to be attracted to your vibe online, so give them some good fun energy to be around and get attracted to.

Now, let’s dive into the curiosity 5 Social Media Types that you want to use to stir up more business.

  1. Referral Post- Take stories of customers that have used your service or product and you talk about how it has benefited them and their families.
  2. Recognition Post- Anytime we have a good customer, rank advancement or milestone of someone on our team, you better believe that we shout it from the rooftops. Why would you want to do that? It drives in attention and it gets people curious to ask you about what is going on with these other people who are having results, hitting milestones and sharing their success stories.
  3. Interview Posts- Interview posts are so powerful. Think about and upline, a sideline, a downline, someone who is having a result from using your service or product, whether big or small it doesn’t matter. Then interview them on Facebook in the form of a Facebook live. And remember don’t talk about your company or product names, refer back to the customer and talk about their story while using your company or being in your business and some of the things they were able to accomplish and do.
  4. Testimonials Posts- Somewhat like referral posts but focused on business and/or customer. So, if you have someone who gives you a great testimonial where you can screen shot success stories, you can use those on your feed and scream those from the rooftop as well. It creates a lot of buzz, social proof and excitement on your social news feed and bring a lot of awareness and curiosity to your business which is intent based posting, and what we are here for.
  5. Demo Post- These types of posts are very popular right now, they are all the rage on social media especially on Instagram. And there is a reason for that, because they work. This applies if you have a product that you can demo. Let your audience see a before and after of using the product. Do a side by side comparison, a tutorial or showcasing your jewelry line.  

There you have it, 5 posting types 😉 . I encourage you to go out and start implementing at least one of these posting types and get a feel, then build out a social media calendar to intently post on your social media channels and stir up business for yourself.