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Attraction marketing, if you haven’t heard it is simply putting yourself out there in a way that attracts a business, customers and future employees to you. Attraction Marketing- bring the people to me. That’s essentially what this buzz 🐝word means. The people, well, they come to you and say, “Tell me about your products, tell me about your business, I want to work with you.” And if you do it right these are people that are attracted to you that already have somewhat of an interest in what it is that you do, what you are selling or recruiting for. It is a really great way to filter people and put yourself in front of people that are perfectly primed and situated to buy from you or join your team.

So, you hear all this buzz about attraction marketing but how in the heck do you actually use it to attract new customers, new business, new teammates, new vendors in a simple way which is still team duplicatable. Well, I’m here to say that it does work…..If you do it right.

Here are 4 tips in implementing attraction marketing for your business.

  1. Think in benefits: You want to showcase what your product or service does, not what it is. Think about your top seller, one of your hero products, maybe you have many products, but what is your hero product? Now, in that same though think about what it does for people, not what it is, not the science behind it, not the ingredients, not all the awards it has won because nobody cares about that. Your prospects care about what it can do for them. Take your hero product, your best seller, and write down 5 benefits that the business, products or services can provide to a customer. When you are going out there doing your social media posting, talking to people, Facebook lives or creating videos or any kind of content- your speaking in benefits because that is what’s going to attract people to you. Speaking to them in benefits, benefits they are looking for will make them attracted to you and then when you go to speak about your products, service or business it makes perfect sense because it is serving them, and entertaining that current benefit or pain point that they saw and wanted. Your future customers care about what your product and/or services can do for them. So, from this point forward start speaking to them in benefits.
  2. Pick your Platform: When applying attracting marketing, you need to pick your platform. Where is your voice most heard on social media platforms? And where you put your focus is where you are going to get your results. Many business owners think they need to be present on every single platform that exists out there like YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook pages. So, here’s the thing, pick one place that you are going to show up to consistently and focus all of your energy there until you get the results you are looking for. You don’t have to be everywhere, but you do have to be somewhere. Pick your platform and focus there. Now, if you aren’t too sure where you need to be, think about where your perfect customers are hanging out and start there.
  3. Pick your Schedule: You need to be consistent with your schedule. Where you are showing up and when you are showing up. Condition your audience to expect you on a certain day at a certain time every week.
  4. Treat your business like a Million Dollar business: The problem with network marketing is the cost of entry is very low. Because people only put in 300-500 dollars, they don’t treat it like a million-dollar business. Create a mindset that your company is a million dollar business. It’s a million-dollar opportunity that you have your hands on, how you are treating it is going to dictate how it’s going to pay you. If you are only putting 2-3 hours in per week but expecting big payouts, you may want to re-evaluate what you put in versus what you are expecting out of it.