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In the age of digital marketing and social media, it is essential that you not only establish a great customer relationship, but that you are also able to close the sale using both your excellent customer service skills and digital media. According to GemFind, using the same platforms that your customers are constantly interacting with, will allow you to be more accessible and will improve your ability to close the deal.

The Five Tips

  • Manage your social media accounts well. First and foremost, take a look at your social media accounts. All of them, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, should be the best representation of your business. This includes your profile pictures, any pictures that you have uploaded, making sure posts have all been proofread, and making it easy for customers to contact you.
  • Make engaging posts. If you want to stay current in the minds of your customers and potential customers, your posts should not only be frequent, but they should also be interesting and engaging. Encouraging customers to comment on your posts by posing a question, for example, will create a conversation.
  • Build personal connections. When someone comments on your posts or pages, do not simply “like” it or ignore it. Take it one step further and engage with them. This can allow you to build a relationship that can result in closing a sale and winning a customer for life.
  • Join in conversations. All forms of social media have groups or public forums where anyone can contribute to a conversation. When the conversations or posts apply to your line of business, join in the conversation. This will throw your name into the mix and make yourself better-known online.
  • Get help from digital marketing professionals. Managing digital marketing strategies, including social media, can be a lot of work, but it is important to do well in the digital age.